Man Brands

Do you have the Balls? Balls to the Wall Marketing & Advertising Campaigns for products and services aimed at Real Men!

Who’s da man

Meet the ‘real men’at ManBrands that know how to put in a hard and honest day’s work to get the most from your advertising budget.

What is a ManBrand Brand?

ManBrand brands are products and services aimed at ‘real men’. You know them, they’re the ones that fix their own cars, hate umpires, have occasionally enjoyed a beer at 11, have dirt and grease under their finger nails and don’t know where ‘emos’ are coming from.

During the day you’ll find them on the work site, behind the steering wheel or swinging a hammer. On the weekend they’re firing up the BBQ, tinkering in the workshop or heading for river with the ski boat and family in tow.

These are real men, men who work hard, play hard, enjoy life and have an undeniable passion for the things they love – beer, cars, bikes, tools, mates, counter meals, Cold Chisel and their families.

If your product or service is aimed at these people, trust the team at ManBrands to develop a creative, targeted and memorable marketing campaign to capture their attention and open their wallets.
ManBrand – Advertising & Marketing Campaigns with Balls!