Why your business needs video marketing

I'm here to tell you why you need to use video in your marketing today.

Firstly, this is where all your customers are. With four billion video views alone on YouTube, and with YouTube being the second biggest search engine, there's a lot going on in the video world. YouTube also reports that video views on mobile is increasing by 100% every year which means it's just going up. There's not people watching it somewhere else, they're just watching more. 78% of people watch a video a week, but 55% of people are watching videos every single day. You need to be on this platform. Your customers are just using it. all the time, it's what they want.

90% of people find a video helpful in making their decision when buying a product, with 64% of users likely to buy a product after watching the video itself. Thirty-four percent of shoppers are more likely to buy something from directly watching an online video compared to 16% on TV. This is because people are right at the buy stage when they're watching the video. TV, people get distracted, everything else can happen in life. With online video, people will click exactly right then and there, and purchase the item. That is what you want.

Now that you know you need video in your marketing, contact me at brad@manbrands.com.au, and I can help you get started into making a video that is right for your business.